Guangzhou Inmyshop Clothing Co., Ltd.
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5YRSGuangzhou Inmyshop Clothing Co., Ltd.

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Founded in 2016,Guangzhou Inmyshop Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of cotton embroidery fabrics,polyester embroidery fabrics,silkworm cocoon embroidery yarns,headscarves and shoes bag set.Because we have high-quality embroidery machines and cocoon winding machines,we have a modern production workshop with strict control and an efficient logistics distribution network management system.Our products are mainly sold to Africa,Europe,America and Southeast Asia.We are deeply loved by customers with excellent quality and beautiful fashion design.At present,our company is committed to developing more new products and expanding the broader+environment.We always adhere to the principle of "credit first,customer first",always put the interests of customers first,and provide better products and better services for every customer.
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Guangdong, China
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5 - 10 People
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US$10 Million - US$50 Million
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